Manafinder Anniversary Gallery

Thank you for playing Manafinder! It’s been a wonderful year, and I’m incredibly grateful for all of your support. The following gallery features the promotional material as well as concept art used in the making of the game. I hope you all enjoy it!
While I have your attention, stay tuned for more exciting announcements from our social media during this anniversary week!
-Jorge Blanco, Game Director

Manafinder was inspired by a fantasy poem I wrote on August 6, 2016 (6 years and 2 months before release!). The last 4 verses were appended years later after Manafinder was fully coneptualized.

Exiled from the Kingdom
Hopeless in the unforgiving vale
Sought sanctuary at the settlement
Only to find more misery

Opportunity arises
A new chance to fight
For a better life

…and beyond
To the highest point
To heaven itself
A date with the Gods


Eblem Ramirez (8-blem)
Angel Cervantes
Daniel Hiram Ramirez
Selene A. Velasco


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